Why George?

  What sets George apart from most hairpiece providers is the extra service that he gives you when you buy a product from him, and the many years of experience he brings to his work.

 George has over 30 years experience as a hairstylist, which allows him to accurately assess the quality and versatility of a particular wig, toupee, or other hairpiece. 

 George's motto: “If you're not happy, I’m not happy.”

Once you have ordered the right product for your personal needs, George will make whatever alterations (e.g. trimming, shaping, setting, styling) that you need for your new hairpiece (at no cost) to look like the real you. Later, if you wish, George can recondition and/or restyle your hairpiece to reflect changing styles and tastes (within limits, of course).

Please get in touch with George today to help you find the perfect piece to set you apart from the crowd.

1544 Fort St. Victoria, BC