How can I be sure it will look real enough?

George is extremely experienced. Wigs and Hair is his life and career. He cares just as much as you do about making you look great and of course finding the right Wig, Toupee or Hairpiece. There are also real human hair options that once trimmed, shaped, set and styled. Either way synthetic or real, George will be able to have people commenting on your new haircut!

What is the process?

Please see What is the Process?to read more about the process. Most times it starts with a phone call, email or an in person meeting and the best way to find the right Wig.

Where are you located?

Wigs By George is located at 1544 Fort St. Victoria, BC, V8S 5J2 in the Stadacona Center. There is free parking.

How much does it cost?

Wigs vary depending on style and brand make and model. You can visit How much does it cost?here to read more. Since it can be a wide range depending on your choice the best bet is to talk to George personally to help you find the right Wig at the right price.

Can I use a curling iron or heat on my Wig?

The short answer is No. Please make sure you only use heat on specified Wigs or 100% Human Hair Wigs. Heat on synthetic Wigs not designed for use with heat will cause damage and can melt and burn the fibers.

How should I maintain my Wig?

Never brush a wet wig. Ensure to comb it when it is dry. Make sure you only use products designed specifically for use with Wigs.

Invest in a spray bottle and fill it with clean cool water. Lightly spritzing your Wig and styling with your fingers can help to maintain and revitalize limp strands or smooth out frizz without having to wash the entire Wig.

Are Wigs safe?

Yes! Wigs are safe for your skin, head and lifestyle, especially if you choose George.

Do you offer refunds?

Once a Wig has been purchased, trimmed, shaped, set and styled we are unable to offer any refund. This is why we prefer you talk with George to ensure there is a process followed so that you can be satisfied with your decision. Some Wigs do have a Warranty.


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