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Wigs by George is a Wigs, Hairpieces & Toupees provider for the Victoria, BC and Vancouver Island Area. Wigs By George can be found in the Stadacona Center on Fort St. within the Maison Georges Hair Salon. Wigs By George and Maison Georges are owned and operated by George.

George has been styling hair and providing quality wigs for Victoria and Vancouver Island residents for over 35 years.

What sets George apart from most wig providers is the extra service that he gives you when you buy a product from him, and the many years of experience he brings to his work. As a professional hair stylist, George can add those special extra finishing touches to make sure your new wig looks its absolute best.

Once you have ordered the right product for your personal needs, George will make whatever alterations (e.g. trimming, shaping, setting, styling) that you need (at no cost) for your new wig to make sure it looks and feels like the real you. Later, if you wish, George can recondition and/or restyle your wig to reflect changing styles and tastes (within limits, of course).

George's motto: "If you're not happy, I'm not happy."

Please take a few minutes to look through George's web site to find out what George can do for you, and why you should choose George to get the quality wig you need.

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While many Wigs are made to style with pre-determined lengths and cuts, George will trim your Hairpiece to the perfect shape and length. If you see a Hairpiece you like but want it shorter or thinned then George can put his experience to work for you to make it perfect.



Wig shaping can help to make the perfect look for you. George is experienced and able to shape your Wig through different techniques to ensure the right fit and look. While trimming focuses on cutting, Shaping focuses on your Face and making the Wig conform and fit with your face. Shaping is imperative to create the right look and help it seem like your real hair!


Setting is a process that helps make your Hairpiece look and fit proper. Setting will take your Hairpiece and help to form it to your head and set the style in place to help keep it looking great. George is experienced and equipped with all the necessary skills and equipment to do the best job in town.


Styling is similar to a normal trip to a Hairstylist to give you the look you have been dreaming of. This is an important step to ensure your Hairpiece looks as much like a real set of hair as possible. Being the most experienced Hairstylist in Victoria you can be certain George will make you look the best.

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