With wigs and hairpieces, as with everything else, you generally get what you pay for. Of course, you can buy a mail order wig at your local drugstore or over the internet for $50, but it is safe to say that a wig of that quality will not look or feel natural, will not fit properly, and will not stand up to close inspection. When buying a Wig yourself you will also have to invest in all the tools and mannequins to ensure you trim, shape, set and style your Wig as none are ready to go off the shelf. It is often the case that someone who tries to do it themselves to save money often then has to find a professional to finish the job resulting in a similar or even more expensive finished Hairpiece. Since George will do all of this at no extra cost, it only makes sense to give Wigs By George a call to find your next Hairpiece.

At Wigs by George, George prides himself on using only top quality hairpieces from reliable international suppliers, in particular Jon Renau (based in Los Angeles), wigsUSA, based in San Diego, and Envy, based in Miami. These companies produce wigs both from synthetic materials and also wigs made entirely from human hair. Because these are high quality, hand-made wigs, and depending on whether you choose human hair or a synthetic model, you can expect to pay from $200 upwards for a quality wig that you will be confident wearing for any occasion.

When you buy a wig from George you get a finished, high quality product, including personal fitting and complete styling, provided at no extra cost.